Scuba Diving

Scuba diving can take you into a new world – the underwater one. Scuba diving is fascinating, intriguing and when you first learn – perhaps a little frightening.  It is therefore important that you both learn to scuba dive with a reputable company, and until you are very experienced, you take your dives with a certified dive company that is experienced in the area.

Who can Scuba dive?
Just about anyone can become a scuba diver. Scuba diving is an equal opportunity sport. There are a few limitations on age and health for safety purposes. To become an Open Water Diver (the first main qualification) you need to be 15 years old.  Children between the ages of 10 and 15 can receive a Junior Open Water Diver certification.  You should also be ‘in good health’. You do need a medical certificate before you get your Open Water Certification.

Who training/qualifications do I need to Scuba dive?
There is two answers to this. Many Dive centres run one day beginner (uncertified) scuba dive. These are often called ‘taster’ dives. You will be given training (normally in a pool) and then go on a instructor accompanied dive in shallow water. This does not give a qualification – but gives you a taster to see if you like it. The main qualification is the open water certification – which is 3-4 days of training and scuba diving. With this certificate you can rock up to any scuba dive centre and go diving!

Who Certifies you?
There are several international organisations that have scuba diving qualifications. The two largest and well known at: PADI and NAUI. Both have very similar outlines to the courses, and most scuba diving centre are either PADI or NAUI registered (or both!). Dive centres must go through very rigorous scrutiny to become a registered centre for either of these two organisations. If you have either NAUI or PADI open water certification almost all dive organisations will accept this for you to be able to dive.

What next!
Pick a good location and have a scuba diving vacation! It is an amazing experience.

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